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With our On-Site Utility energy solution, you can realize the following benefits of a cogeneration system: energy cost savings, reduced carbon foot print, improved cash flow and increased net income

Advisors Energy Group, LLC’s On-Site Utility is a complete outsourced solution. We analyze your energy needs and design a cogeneration system to maximize your savings.  The cogeneration equipment at your facility produces clean, quiet and highly reliable energy in the form of electricity, heat, hot water and cooling.  Our cogeneration systems are seamlessly integrated into your existing energy systems. You pay a lower energy bill.

Advisors Energy Group, LLC Inc. offers clean electricity, heat, hot water and cooling solutions to commercial, institutional and industrial customers. Advisors Energy Group, LLC sells, finances, installs, owns, operates and maintains complete cogeneration and cooling systems tailored to a customer’s specific site requirements.  Advisors Energy Group, LLC offers customers the option of On-Site Utility energy, complete installation or just equipment.  The result is lower energy costs for customers. The services are available wherever energy rates are high. 

The market for Advisors Energy Group, LLC's On-Site Utility energy solutions encompasses a wide range of applications and facilities.  Sites with high electric rates and significant requirements for heat and hot water yield the greatest benefits.  Our customers use the hot water for domestic requirements, heating swimming pools, on-site laundries and process needs. Cooling systems are used for space cooling, process loads and making ice for skating rinks. Advisors Energy Group, LLC customers include:


  • Healthcare-hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
  • Hospitality-Hotels.
  • Government and Institutions-housing, detention centers and prisons.
  • Housing-elderly and multifamily apartments, condos and co-ops.
  • Schools and Colleges-dormitories, athletic centers.
  • Sports-athletic centers, spas, pools and ice rinks.
  • Industrial-food processing, plating and laundries.


To request information about Cogeneration, call   (732) 202-2926 or e-mail energy@advisorsenergy.com.