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·  Solar Energy: Solar Energy Systems Harness the Power of the Sun and Reduce or Eliminate Your Electric Bill Today! Government Incentives & Rebates Mean You Could Own a Solar Energy System for Free!

·  Energy Bank Units: Energy Bank Units save you money through Power factor Correction, Total harmonic reduction, Lightning Protection, Phase balancing and Voltage sag and spike reduction.

·  Energy Economizers:  Energy Economizers typically reduce compressor electric use by 10% to 20% or more.  Energy Economizers are microcomputer controlled, UL listed electronic devices that automatically adjust the compressor cycles to achieve the greatest efficiency and reduced electrical usage, while assuring consistent temperature levels for even the most temperature sensitive Clients.

·  Lighting Retrofits:  Advisors Energy Group, LLC.  has an unparalleled record in turnkey energy efficient lighting retrofit projects. Advisors Energy Group, LLC. can help you maximize energy savings and improve light quality with the least possible disruption to your operations. Projects can be installed with no initial capital outlay and achieve an immediate positive cash flow.  Advisors Energy Group, LLC. handles every aspect of a successful lighting retrofit project. Our services include: presentations and educational seminars, building surveys, design engineering, savings analysis, rebate analysis and processing, energy savings, light level verification and turnkey installation with professional project management

·  ElectroFlow:  is an integrated modular system specifically custom-engineered to effectively and economically optimize power quality with guaranteed electric savings of up to 34%, and nominal payback of less than two years.

·  Motor Controls: is a specific device to improve the efficiency of the condenser coil by at least 20%.  If your company has air conditioning and/or refrigeration, Articmaster can provide you with a potential energy savings and/or  increased capacity.  The manufacturer guarntees a minimum of 20% increase in cooling capacity and/or reduction in energy demand or the cost of the Articmaster will be promptly refunded by the manufacturer.

·  Demand Response: Demand response is the action of end users lowering their demand for electricity (reducing consumption) in order to help balance supply and demand on the electric grid and ensure stability.  The greatest need for demand response typically occurs during times of peak electricity demand, between the hours of 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., when extra strain is placed on the grid from situations such as increased air conditioning use on hot days or downed power lines resulting from a storm.


-Cogeneration: Cogeneration (combined heat and power, CHP) is the use of a heat engine or a power station  to simultaneously generate both electricity and useful heat.  It is one of the most common forms of energy recycling.

Conventional power plants emit the heat created as a by-product of electricity generation into the environment  through cooling towers , flue gas  or by other means. By contrast CHP captures the by-product heat for domestic or industrial heating purposes, either very close to the plant, or as hot water for district heating with temperatures ranging from approximately 80 to 130 °C. This is also called Combined Heat and Power District Heating or CHPDH. Small CHP plants are an example of decentralized energy.


-Wind energy:  Wind energy is a free and abundant resource. It is all around us. Harnassing this abundant resource will create free electricity for your home or business and save you money.


·  Green Energy: Renewable energy sources (solar electric, wind, geothermal, biomass, and small and low-impact hydro) can be used to produce electricity with fewer environmental impacts. It is possible to make electricity from renewable energy sources without producing CO2, the leading cause of global climate change.


·  Heating Oil:  We are industry leaders in fuel oil delivery, as well as a good neighbor to the many customers that we service in our operating area. Our commitment is to deliver safe, dependable heating oil and provide superior service.


To request information about Energy Saving Technologies, Call (732) 202-2926 or e-mail energy@advisorsenergy.com.