Advisors Energy Group, LLC

Solar Finance

Advisors Energy can assist through third party lenders in the financing of solar systems.  These programs are designed to help support our customers.  They provide flexible financing options and expert support through the entire sales cycle.  This gives Advisors Energy the opportunity to offer complete financial turn-key solutions to end users.

The Commercial Finance Program provides:

·  Prompt credit approvals

·  Competitive rates

·  Innovative Financial Solutions

·  100% financing of all equipment, services, engineering, building,   modifications etc.

·  Re-financing of existing loans

Flexible Structuring Opportunities:

·  10 to 30 year terms.........up to 15 years for qualifying municipal transactions

·  Flexible end-of-term options

·  Truly customized financial solutions

"Off-balance sheet" financing option!

Recognizing that not all our commercial customers can utilize a finance lease-either because they cannot benefit from tax credits, from owning the system or because their primary motivation is simply to buy electricity, there is a new product available called and "off balance sheet" structure that offers lower interest rates than traditional financing. The key details of the program are:

·  A "rental" contract with fixed terms and conditions

·  Lower interest rates than loan rates

·  Initial term, 7-10 years, depending on credit strength

·  Lessee expenses monthly payments

·  Lease is generally considered "off-balance sheet" for lessee

·  At the end of the lease, lessee can purchase equiment at greater of Fair Market Value or % of original equipment cost, extending the lease for an additional 12-24 months at a fixed rental

·  Minimum deal size is $500,000

This product is comparable to Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) type offerings in the market but offers several distinct advantages:

·  Lower threshold of system size/financed amount

·  Shorter term commitments

·  Reduced due diligence and return conditions

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