Advisors Energy Group, LLC

California Demand Response


·  No out-of-pocket financial cost or penalties associated with enrollment and participation.

·  Earn 2 types of payments:  $$$ for standing by (capacity payment) and $$$ actual electricity reduced (energy payment).

·  Receive payment in the form of a check, not merely a credit on your electric bill.

·  Program runs non-holiday weekdays only, and Event hours are limited.

·  Day-ahead notice of a Reduction Event gives you time to be prepared.

·  You decide what you can or can't reduce.

·  Flex your monthly reduction commitment, according to your ability to reduce your demand in a given month.

·  Advisors Energy Group LLC has a dedicated team of engineers to help you identify your reduction strategies.

·  Free interval meter and performance-tracking software allow you to better manage electric use;  In certain instances, you may even view your energy use online.

·  Payment amounts, event hour caps and notification specifics may vary between Power Pay! California programs.


To request information about California Demand Response, call  (732) 202-2926 or e-mail