Advisors Energy Group, LLC

Water and Sewage

Utility Tariff Analysis & Rate Optimization Process:

  • Rate and Tariff Comparison and Analysis
  • Rate and Tariff Verification
  • Consumption Comparison and Analysis
  • Consumption Verification
  • Sewer Verification
  • Refunds
  • Credits
  • Water Savings and Conservation Programs
  • Sewer Savings and Conservation Programs
  • Research and analyze alternative rates and tariffs
  • Evaluate alternative rate tariffs, interpretations, applications and qualifications
  • Analyze the current usage patterns to develop accurate load shapes
  • Compare current rates vs. alternative rates
  • Offer an alternative utility rate design when customer sponsored rates are needed
  • Prepare necessary correspondence for utility providers
  • Negotiate with utility companies
  • Follow-up in a timely manner to maximize savings
  • Verify changes made to monthly bill reflecting lower unit prices
  • Implement and monitor approved account changes
  • Calculate monthly savings
  • Monitor and analyze regulatory policy changes at Public Utility Commissions



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