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Wind Energy

Wind energy is a free and abundant resource. It is all around us. Harnassing this abundant resource will create free electricity for your facility and save you money.

It has never been a better time to install a small wind energy system. The American Recovery and Re-investment Act (2009 Stimulus Package) and the NJ Clean Energy Program are offering substantial incentives.

American Recovery and Re-investment
Act (2009 Stimulus Package)

On February 17, 2009 President Obama signed into law the American Recovery and Re-investment Act of 2009. With a significant emphasis on renewable energy technology deployment and job expansion, the bill improved upon the 2008 small wind tax credit by removing “cost caps.” This change allows consumers and small businesses to deduct from their tax liability
30 percent of the installed cost of a wind turbine. Additionally, businesses will have the option of receiving their credits in the form of cash grants.

The entire cost of a Wind Energy system (plus installation) is reduced by 30 percent provided you have a tax liability. The credit can be claimed over the course of two years. In addition to the Federal incentive, the NJ Clean Energy Program is offering a production based incentive program which will reduce the cost of a new installation significantly.

Wind energy systems convert the kinetic energy in the wind into electricity to be used in a facility's electrical system.

In a typical  application, a  facility is served simultaneously by the wind energy system and a local utility. If the wind speeds are below "cut-in speed" (8 mph) there will be no output from the generator and all of the needed power is purchased from the utility. As wind speeds increase, the wind energy system's output increases and the amount of power purchased from the utility is proportionately decreased. When the system produces more power than the house needs, the meter spins backwards creating a "credit" that can be used later. All of this is done automatically without any interaction by the homeowner. Batteries are not required.

The amount of money a wind system saves you in the long run will depend upon its installed cost, the amount of electricity you use, the average wind speed at your site, and other factors. Costs vary with local conditions and tower height. US Federal incentives and other state incentives can decrease this cost significantly.

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