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Stem Demand Management System

Reduce your electricity bill

Electricity bills are made up of two parts – energy charges for the total electricity used, and demand charges, which are based on peak usage. As much as 50 percent of an electricity bill can be based on a single energy spike. The Stem Energy System reduces electricity bills by up to 20% without changes to how a company operates its business.


The Stem solution stores energy during non-peak hours for use during expensive peak hours, helping companies slash their energy costs. The beauty of the Stem system is that it doesn’t require behavior changes or reductions in electricity usage to achieve savings. It simply shifts when companies draw electricity from the grid, allowing them to focus on their core business.


The Stem system stores energy during non-peak demand hours for use during expensive peak demand hours, helping companies slash their demand charges on electric bills. Installation and run-time require zero operational changes.


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How it works

Stem integrates data from various sources and applies machine learning to provide highly precise energy usage forecasts. The system reduces energy costs by routing stored energy as needed to avoid peak demand charges. Stem's visualizations enable energy managers to understand the relationship between electricity usage and cost.




Reduced demand charges: Deploy stored energy to lower energy bills automatically.


Reduced risk: Eliminate the need to constantly monitor energy usage and future-proof against price changes.


Energy insight: Visualize, predict and benchmark electricity use.


Good grid citizenship: Displace peak plant capacity and ease the strain on the grid during peak periods.


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