Advisors Energy Group, LLC

Energy Efficiency Funding

Advisors Energy Group, LLC offers Funding and Working Capital for Energy Efficiency Projects (Nationwide). 

• Advisors Energy Group, LLC. offers facilities funding for their energy efficiency upgrades and working Capital
• Allows facilities to reduce energy costs-without up-front capital
• No changes to how the facility operates
• Reducing energy consumption and lowering operating costs
• Upgrading and modernizing your facility and/or energy
• Meeting sustainability objectives, while positively impacting the environment
• Energy Efficiency upgrades are incorporated into the commodity cost
• Utilizes existing energy budget to more easily realize cost savings
• Requires no capital and utilizes resources and expertise from the ESCO
• Typical Payback is 3-5 years
• Project Funding up to 5 years
• Flexible Terms up to 5 years
• No additional bills-Pay for upgrades via monthly energy bill (no up-front investment)
• Capitalize on incentives to reduce capital costs
• Meet corporate sustainability goals

Partial Project List:

• Building Management Systems
• Mechanical Upgrades
• Lighting and Lighting controls upgrades
• Motors and VFDs
• Enhance and re-commission existing HVAC controls
• Pipe or duct insulation
• Steam trap audit and repair
• Water conservation
• Install Temperature controls (DD) where none exists
• Process steam leak mitigation, insulation and steam traps
• Remote monitoring
• Oil-to-Gas conversions
• Lighting conversions
• Backup Generators
• Audits and Benchmarking
• Demand Response
• Building Controls
• Gas-to-Gas conversions

• Combined Heat and Power Systems