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Advisors Energy Group, LLC is licensed by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities as Energy Consultants and Agents (License number EA-0209).


  • PEAK LOAD SAVINGS: Up to 75% of a FACILITY’S electricity bill is determined by their PEAK LOAD CHARGES.

Advisors Energy Group, LLC can reduce your PEAK LOAD CHARGES.  This will allow your facility to save a substantial amount of money.  This is different from Demand Response.  You do not need to change your current Demand Response Company and Electricity Supply Company to benefit from  PEAK LOAD  REDUCTION AND SAVINGS Program.


What are Demand charges?     

 Commercial & Industrial (C&I) customers pay electric bills that have two primary components: electricity energy charges               (measured in Kwhrs) and electricity demand charges (measured in kw).      

            PEAK LOAD CHARGES are based on the peak electricity usage of a customer during a period.

           The “high water mark” for electricity usage sets the PEAK LOAD CHARGE for the following period.

 PEAK LOAD CHARGES are billed on a $/kW basis. Like energy charges, A utility will look at the maximum demand of a customer during an interval, and will charge a $/kW rate for the following period.


Both electricity energy and PEAK LOAD CHARGES are part of a facility’s electricity bill.  Facilities that use varying amounts of electricity at sporadic, different periods of the day or months raise havoc with the electric utilities’ operation.  These facilities are assessed PEAK LOAD CHARGES (penalties) as part of their normal monthly billing.



  • Hamonic Filter (Line Loss Guard): Our Low Pass Harmonic Filter, Line Loss Guard, allows facilities to reduce energy consumption and cost.  Our Low Pass Harmonic Filter is an inductive device that reduces daily KWhr consumption, Harmonics and Electricity Demand in commercial facilities by performing two functions.


1.       Our harmonic filter removes “noise” (that results from incoming voltage leg being out of balance) or harmonic distortion from   the    broad band spectrum of harmonics, including 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th harmonics. 

2.       The inductive qualities provide a restoration of phase and polarity to the electrical circuit.

Our Low Pass Harmonic Filter is a unique patented technology that uses fundamental electromagnetic principles to reduce energy consumption economically.   The new electricity load profile exacerbates non-efficient use of electricity.  Electrical current out of phase and polarity, referred to as "noise" or "harmonic distortion" is an undesirable by-product of the electrical grid and the new electricity load profile. 

Today’s electronic and electrical equipment by design see power in proper phase and polarity and draw on the electrical system continuously to meet this function.  Our Low Pass Harmonic Filter addresses this issue like no other products do. 


As an Energy Management Device, our Low Pass Harmonic Filter reduces daily Kwhr consumption by inductively capturing noise on the neutral lines.  Savings vary depending on the electrical profile of the facility's load.


Quick Facts:


·         Reduction in daily kilowatt hour (kwhr) consumption ranges from 5-20%

·         Return on Investment is usually less than 4 months (90% of customers reported)

·         Easy installation without interrupting your business operation

·         Performance verified and certified by an independent laboratory

·         Safety certified by Met Laboratories to comply with UL 916 CSA C22.2 No. 205

·         Maintenance free solid-state unit

·         One year Manufacturers Product Warranty

 Click on this link for an article about the Line Loss Guard:


IceCOLD® is a proven technology that increases the energy efficiency of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems by an average of 20%.  This breakthrough synthetic catalyst provides colder vent air that cools spaces faster.  The IceCOLD® catalyst improves performance by enhancing heat exchange and causing refrigerant to evaporate at a lower temperature. The result is shorter compressor run-times, lower consumption of electricity and reduced C02 emissions.  IceCOLD® increases the efficiency of HVAC and refrigeration systems by an average of 20%.  IceCOLD® delivers significant and measurable fuel/KWh savings through reduced cooling times.

IceCOLD® is used by:

•Seven Eleven
•Truckstops of America
•Travis Air Force Base
•Chuck E. Cheese’s
•Princess Cruises
•Ben E. Keith Co.
•Hampton Inn
•Seven Eleven
  • Stem Demand Management Energy SystemStem Demand Management Energy Systems reduce clients' electricity bills by up to 20% without changes to how clients run their business.  There is no upfront cost to clients.

Click on these video links to see how the stem demand management system works:


Electricity bills are made up of two parts – energy charges for the total electricity used, and demand charges, which are based on peak usage. As much as 50 percent of an electricity bill can be based on a single energy spike.


The Stem solution stores energy during non-peak hours for use during expensive peak demand hours, helping companies slash their energy costs. The beauty of the Stem system is that it does not require behavior changes or reductions in electricity usage to achieve savings. It simply shifts when  clients draw electricity from the grid, allowing  clients to focus on their core business.


How does the Stem Demand Management Energy System work?

The system reduces energy costs by routing stored energy as needed to avoid peak demand charges.



Reduced demand charges: Deploy stored energy to lower energy bills automatically.

Reduced risk: Eliminate the need to constantly monitor energy usage and future-proof against price changes.

Good grid citizenship: Displace peak plant capacity and ease the strain on the grid during peak periods.



  •  Energy Bank Units: Energy Bank Units save money through power factor correction, total harmonic reduction, lightning protection, phase balancing, voltage sag and spike reduction.


  •  Energy Economizers Energy Economizers typically reduce compressor electric use by 10% to 20% or more.  Energy Economizers are microcomputer controlled, UL listed electronic devices that automatically adjust the compressor cycles to achieve the greatest efficiency and reduced electrical usage, while assuring consistent temperature levels for even the most temperature sensitive clients.


  • Lighting Retrofits:  Advisors Energy Group, LLC.  has an unparalleled record in turnkey energy efficient lighting retrofit projects. Advisors Energy Group, LLC. can help you maximize energy savings and improve light quality with the least possible disruption to your operations. Projects can be installed with no initial capital outlay and achieve an immediate positive cash flow.  Advisors Energy Group, LLC. handles every aspect of a successful lighting retrofit project. Our services include: presentations and educational seminars, building surveys, design engineering, savings analysis, rebate analysis and processing, energy savings, light level verification and turnkey installation with professional project management.


  •  ElectroFlow:  is an integrated modular system specifically custom-engineered to effectively and economically optimize power quality with guaranteed electric savings of up to 34%, and nominal payback of less than two years.


  •  Motor Controls: is a specific device to improve the efficiency of the condenser coil by at least 20%.  If your company has air conditioning and/or refrigeration, Articmaster can provide you with a potential energy savings and/or  increased capacity.  The manufacturer guarntees a minimum of 20% increase in cooling capacity and/or reduction in energy demand or the cost of the Articmaster will be promptly refunded by the manufacturer.


  •  Demand Response: Demand response is the action of end users lowering their demand for electricity (reducing consumption) in order to help balance supply and demand on the electric grid and ensure stability.  The greatest need for demand response typically occurs during times of peak electricity demand, between the hours of 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., when extra strain is placed on the grid from situations such as increased air conditioning use on hot days or downed power lines resulting from a storm.


  •  Cogeneration (combined heat and power-CHP) is the use of a heat engine or a power station  to simultaneously generate electricity, hot water, heat and chilling.  It is one of the most common forms of energy recycling.  Conventional power plants emit the heat created as a by-product of electricity generation into the environment  through cooling towers , flue gas  or by other means. By contrast CHP captures the by-product heat for domestic or industrial heating purposes, either very close to the plant, or as hot water for district heating with temperatures ranging from approximately 80 to 130 °C. This is also called Combined Heat and Power District Heating or CHP.  Small CHP plants are an example of decentralized energy.


With our On-Site Utility energy solution, facilities realize the following benefits of a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) also known as a co-generation system:

·        Energy cost savings

·        Reduced carbon foot print

·        Improved cash flow

·        Increased net income

We structure power purchase agreements, arrange financing, apply for incentives and rebates, install, operate and maintain complete Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and cooling systems tailored to facilities' specific site requirements.  We support optimized energy purchasing for facilities.

Our On-Site Utility is a complete outsourced solution. We analyze your energy needs and design a Combined Heat and Power (CHP)  system to maximize your savings.  The Combined Heat and Power (CHP) equipment  produces clean, quiet and highly reliable energy in the form of electricity, heat, hot water and cooling.  Our Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems are seamlessly integrated into your existing energy systems. Our clients pay a lower energy bill.

Our CHP systems offer clean electricity, heat, hot water and cooling solutions to commercial, institutional and industrial customers.  We sell, structure power purchase agreements, arrange financing, apply for incentives and rebates, install,  operate and maintain complete Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and cooling systems tailored to our clients' specific site requirements.  We offer our clients the option of an on-Site CHP system  or just equipment.  The result is lower energy costs for customers. The services are available wherever energy rates are high. 

Click on these video links for testimonials.

The Americana

The Brevoort (During the storm)

The Brevoort (Site Specific)


The market for our On-Site Utility energy solutions encompasses a wide range of applications and facilities.  Sites with high electric rates and significant requirements for heat and hot water yield the greatest benefits.  Our clients use the hot water for domestic requirements, heating swimming pools, on-site laundries and process needs. Cooling systems are used for space cooling, process loads and making ice for skating rinks. Advisors Energy Group, LLC customers include:


  • Healthcare-hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
  • Hospitality-Hotels.
  • Government and Institutions-housing, detention centers and prisons.
  • Housing-elderly and multifamily apartments, condos and co-ops.
  • Schools and Colleges-dormitories, athletic centers.
  • Sports-athletic centers, spas, pools and ice rinks.
  • Industrial-food processing, plating and laundries.
  • Casinos
  • Residential Facilities


  • Power Factor Correction (KVAR):   KVAR manufactures over 700 Unique KVAR Energy Controllers, as well as Commercial-Off-The-Shelf KVAR Energy Controllers. The ability to customize KVAR Energy Controllers results in the best possible level of savings for individual motor loads and panels allowing guaranteed savings ranging from 6-25%.

  • Green Energy: Renewable energy sources (solar electric, wind, geothermal, biomass, and small and low-impact hydro) can be used to produce electricity with fewer environmental impacts. It is possible to make electricity from renewable energy sources without producing CO2, the leading cause of global climate change.


  •  Heating Oil:  We are industry leaders in fuel oil delivery, as well as a good neighbor to the many customers that we service in our operating area. Our commitment is to deliver safe, dependable heating oil and provide superior service.


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