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Hotel Energy Guest Room Management System

WiSuite’s Intelligent Network (WIN) is a thermostat control system that solves energy management challenges by giving real-time guest room monitoring 24-7, 365. Your property gets unprecedented energy savings and your guests get complete satisfaction in the form of regulated comfort. With quick installation, minimal training, intuitive operation, and simple maintenance, the WIN system makes saving energy effortless.

How it works…

What’s the WiSuite difference?

WiSuite’s WIN allows devices to communicate through each other so that each guest room environment is directly connected to your hotel’s property management system, seamlessly. Which means, guest comfort levels in the room can be set automatically at check-in, then set to savings mode after check out.

WIN provides seamless integration with powerful results.

As each WiSuite thermostat is installed, the ZigBee® mesh network is automatically created. Each guest room environment is directly and seamlessly connected to your hotel’s property management system. Guest comfort levels in the room can be set automatically at check-in, and returned to an energy savings mode after check out.

Once our unique mesh system is formed, our central server displays the status of each room in real-time. The system doesn’t rely on existing building infrastructure or interfere with your current Wi-Fi networks or cellular repeaters. Each device is self-contained, so the system communicates through its own network. No new wires, no room renovations no guest room down time.

Smart hotel owners and operators are constantly looking to strike the right balance between maintaining superior comfort levels for their guests and managing their bottom line. WiSuite gives you the tools to do both. It’s the automated system that keeps your rooms optimized and occupied.

Here’s what WiSuite’s Intelligent Network (WIN) can do for you…

  • Wireless communication allows easy installation in existing buildings
  • Real-time HVAC control, diagnosis, and monitoring
  • Instant room occupancy status detection
  • Demand-ready response
  • Web-based remote management
  • ZigBee-enabled wireless mesh network
  • Simple integration with Property Management Systems
  • Network outage and maintenance alerts
  • Accurate data for measurement, verification, and reporting
All of which benefits your business and addresses your bottom line.