Advisors Energy Group, LLC

Hamonics Filter

Our Low Pass Harmonic Filter, allows facilities to reduce energy consumption and cost.  Our Low Pass Harmonic Filter is an inductive device that reduces daily KWhr consumption, Harmonics and Electricity Demand in commercial facilities by performing two functions.   Click on this link for more information:


1.       It removes “noise” (that results from incoming voltage leg being out of balance) or harmonic distortion from the broad band spectrum of harmonics, including 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th harmonics. 

2.       The inductive qualities provide a restoration of phase and polarity to the electrical circuit.

3.       It reduces Harmonics or Line Loss.

Our Low Pass Harmonic Filter is a unique patented technology that uses fundamental electromagnetic principles to reduce energy consumption economically.   The new electricity load profile exacerbates non-efficient use of electricity.  Electrical current out of phase and polarity, referred to as "noise" or "harmonic distortion" is an undesirable by-product of the electrical grid and the new electricity load profile. 

Today’s electronic and electrical equipment by design see power in proper phase and polarity and draw on the electrical system continuously to meet this function.  Our Low Pass Harmonic Filter addresses this issue like no other products do. 


As an Energy Management Device, our Low Pass Harmonic Filter reduces daily Kwhr consumption by inductively capturing noise on the neutral lines.  Savings vary depending on the electrical profile of the facility's load.


Quick Facts:


·         Reduction in daily kilowatt hour (kwhr) consumption ranges from 5-32%

·         Return on Investment is usually less than 4 months (90% of customers reported)

·         Easy installation without interrupting your business operation

·         Performance verified and certified by an independent laboratory

·         Safety certified by Met Laboratories to comply with UL 916 CSA C22.2 No. 205

·         Maintenance free solid-state unit

·         One year Manufacturers Product Warranty