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Peak Load Program (ADVISORS PLP)

Peak Load Program (ADVISORS PLP)



Advisors Energy’s PEAK LOAD PROGRAM (ADVISORS PLP) was developed and is  managed by Paul Levy, PE, CCXA.

33% or higher of a FACILITY’S electricity bill is determined by their PEAK LOAD DEMAND AND TRANSMISSION CHARGES.

There is a simple way to significantly lower these charges - and overall energy costs.


Through our exclusive voluntary ADVISORS PLP program, facilities are notified of predicted peak hours. PEAK HOURS are hours utilities may use to determine a facility's CAPACITY AND/OR TRANSMISSION CHARGES for the following year. The less energy used during the peak hours this year, the lower the electricity costs for next year.

ADVISORS PLP can reduce your FACILITY'S  PEAK LOAD DEMAND AND TRANSMISSION CHARGES. This allows FACILITIES to save a substantial amount of money.

This is different from Demand Response.  A facility does not need to change their current Demand Response and Electricity Supply Company to benefit from ADVISORS PLP.

A Three-Step Strategy



Here’s how ADVISORS PLP works:

  1. Advisors Energy Group's load response team monitors grid consumption and weather to predict the peak setting hours of the year.
  2. The team alerts customers of the predicted Peak Hours.
  3. When peak days and hours arrive, businesses simply curtail their energy use (on a strictly voluntary basis).


Advisors Energy Group leverages its wholesale electric market expertise to predict peak-setting hours. Advisors Energy Group will attempt to correctly predict these hours with the fewest calls possible to help minimize the impact on your operations and maximize savings opportunities.

ADVISORS PLP is entirely voluntary and there are no obligations to participate. If you do not respond during an event, there is no penalty and you merely forego the savings opportunity.


Advisors Energy Group has a proven track record of correctly forecasting the peak setting hours with a limited number of calls, minimizing the impact on your operations and maximizing savings opportunities. To show you our proficiency in our in predicting peak hours, Advisors Energy Group will only charge for this service if we correctly predict the peaks and your capacity and transmission tags are reduced.

What are Demand/Transmission charges?

Commercial & Industrial (C&I) customers pay electric bills that have two primary components: electricity energy charges (measured in kwhrs) and electricity demand/transmission charges (measured in KW).

PEAK DEMAND/TRANSMISSION CHARGES are based on the peak electricity usage of a customer during a period.


The “high water mark” for electricity usage sets the PEAK LOAD DEMAND/TRANSMISSION CHARGE for the current period.
DEMAND/TRANSMISSION CHARGES are billed on a $/kW basis. Like energy charges, A utility will look at the maximum demand of a customer during an interval, and will charge a $/kW rate for it.
Both electricity energy and  DEMAND/TRANSMISSION CHARGES are part of a facility’s electricity bill. Facilities that use varying amounts of electricity at sporadic, different periods of the day or months raise havoc with the electric utilities’ operation. These facilities are assessed PEAK LOAD DEMAND/TRANSMISSION CHARGES as part of their normal monthly billing.


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