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Save up to 25% off your water bill with the SMART VALVE

Click on this link to see how the SMART VALVE works.

The SMART VALVE’S patented Variable Flow Control Process eliminates excessive water consumption and water meter errors.

The SMART VALVE was created to resolve inefficiencies inherent in water delivery and consumption.   Our patented  and NSF certified process takes established principals of fluid dynamics and applies them to a new and financially rewarding application.

There is a volume of air in the volume of water passing through water meters.   Water meters cannot tell the difference between the air and water.  To measure water consumption, most water meters use a method known as Positive Displacement.  Positive Displacement measures the total volume of water and air.

The SMART VALVE compresses air, eliminating the air in the water before it reaches the water meter.

The Benefits of the SMART VALVE are:

·         Water Meter Accuracy

·         Reduced Water Consumption

·         Water Leak Detection


This is a partial list of companies that are using the SMART VALVE™

  •  HYATT Hotels
  • Life Technologies
  • Irvine Company
  • Encinitas Union School District
  • Double tree Hotels
  • Renaissance Apartment Association
  • Tower Drive Laundry
  • House of Suds
  • Super Planet
  • Kleen 'n Green
  • Best Western