Advisors Energy Group, LLC



Advisors Energy offers commercial and industrial facilities, municipal utilities and energy retailers the ability to capitalize on grid edge economic opportunities.  Distributed Energy Resource combines the reliability of Cummins generators with the enhanced economics of a Distributed Energy Resource Management System. 


Energy industry analysts and trade publications have documented a number of factors that are shifting the center of gravity on the energy grid from centralized generation to distributed generation, or as they refer to it, the “Grid Edge.”  Large commercial and industrial energy systems are being targeted for their ability to provide both distributed generation and demand management contributions to the energy grid  i.e.  Distributed Energy Resources . The technology that manages the communication, optimization and monetization of Distributed Energy Resources.


Our software monitors grid, facility and generator signals to predict when grid economic conditions support generation dispatch. When conditions are right, we signal the generator to operate for a pre-determined period of time.  We then monetize the result through the commercial and industrial customer’s energy retailer or municipal utility. Commercial and industrial customers see higher savings in their energy bill.  Energy retailers and municipal utilities realize lower costs.  We share a new revenue stream.


edgeGEN™  offers facilities a combination of 5 revenue and savings streams:

1.) Capacity charge avoidance (savings)

2.) Transmission charge avoidance (savings)

3.) Economic market participation (revenue)

4.) Synchronized reserve participation (revenue)

5.) Utility bill cost avoidance coincident with economic market participation (savings)



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