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Energy and Water Optimization



Why Energy Optimization?


Optimizing your pump system’s energy use reduces energy consumption and saves money. This is important because over a pump’s lifecycle, the purchase price makes up only 5% of the costs. Energy costs account for 85%. Energy efficient solutions can lead to significant savings. In fact, if we replaced every inefficient pump in the world, we will achieve great energy and water savings.  We will reduce global electricity consumption by 4%.


Energy savings is crucial


Creating flow in a water system consumes power and so does creating pressure even when there is little or no flow.  Therefore, booster configurations with several booster sets and low pressure levels are preferable as the power consumption will reduce significantly as the provided pressure reduces. Traditionally, there has been great focus on initial cost both when choosing booster sets and when settling for a system configuration of boosting systems.  Studies show that doing so is unwise.  Studies show that investment in boosters is of minor importance in the long term. Focus should be given to the entire boosting configuration as energy consumption is the most important element to consider.  Energy consumption accounts for more than all the other remaining costs added together.


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