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Event date:1.1.2016



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By Paul Levy, PE, CCxA                                                                                       January 4th, 2016


The U.S. Supreme Court could issue a ruling that eliminates Economic Demand Response in the PJM, NYISO, New England ISO, Texas ERCOT and other areas.


On October 14, 2015, the US Supreme Court aka SCOTUS, heard the arguments in Docket No. 14-840 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission petitioner vs Electric Power Supply Association et. al. There are two major issues in this case. SCOTUS must decide if FERC Order 745 which provides the framework for Economic Demand Response programs is a retail or wholesale pricing matter and depending upon that decision the Court will decide if FERC has the regulatory authority to issue such directives. Secondly, even if FERC has the statutory authority to provide the directives, the Court must decide if the pricing for Demand Response established in FERC Order 745 is acceptable. A decision will be issued by the end-of-June.


If the Court rules against FERC, all utilities in each state will develop and issue its own Demand Response tariff whether this be economic or not. How much each utility’s payment would be and how one qualifies is unknown but it is generally believed that the DR programs for Commercial & Industrial customers will be less generous than the formula in FERC Order 745.

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,  01-01-2016